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The Power Driving Change

Pivot Power is developing a world-first national network of grid-scale batteries and rapid electric vehicle (EV) charging stations, to support a cost-effective, reliable, low-carbon energy system and enable rapid adoption of clean transport.

About Us
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Balancing the Grid

The UK’s changing energy mix, with increasing amounts of wind and solar and the welcome demise of coal, means more volatility in supply. Pivot Power’s battery storage portfolio will be a large and valuable asset in the efficient balancing of supply and demand.

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Accelerating the EV Revolution

Pivot Power is leading the charge to deploy the essential infrastructure required for the provision of low-cost, mass-market, charging facilities for EVs.

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An EV Charging Network at Scale

Pivot Power is addressing the ‘range anxiety’ felt by owners, and potential owners, of EVs. We are providing the capacity required to deploy a convenient, rapid charging network throughout the UK.

An Opportunity to Invest

Pivot Power is engaging with the investment community, from infrastructure funds to retail investors, to unlock the full potential of the network.