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About Us

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The Pivot Power Proposition

At Pivot Power we are developing, funding and operating large battery storage projects connected directly to the transmission system. These batteries bring valuable flexibility to the grid, enabling it to harness increasing volumes of renewable generation, as well as supporting an energy system that is clean, affordable and secure.

At the same time, Pivot Power is addressing the ‘range anxiety’ felt by owners, and potential owners, of EVs. We aim to do this by providing low-cost, convenient, mass-scale rapid charging infrastructure throughout the UK.

We’re not alone. We’re working with some major energy industry partners to deliver our plan, all based on our commitment to:

  • Provide fair and transparent pricing for EV owners
  • Democratise ownership by making the opportunity available via a crowdfunding platform
  • Address the challenges and realities of energy access for all


The Team

Matt Allen
Chief Executive Officer
Mikey Clark
Chief Technology Officer
Matthew Boulton
Chief Operating Officer
Martin Cole
Head of Planning
Edward Sargent
Business Development Director
Adrien Lebrun
Engineering Director
Charis Baker
Programme Manager
Deirdre Kelly
Office Manager and Executive Assistant
Sean Moore
Colin Corbally
Millie Pardoe
Business Development Associate
Richard Braakenburg
Chief Financial Officer
Mel Shanker
General Counsel

Our Mission

Pivot Power’s mission is to accelerate the UK’s transition to a lower carbon electricity and transport future. We embody the high levels of skill, expertise and commitment needed to achieve our aim: to change the way our society accesses power and uses energy. We relish the challenge and love our work.

Our Values