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Accelerating the EV Revolution

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the Decline of Petrol and Diesel

In the UK, the sale of new petrol and diesel vehicles will cease in 2040. Pivot Power supports the UK Government’s decision, but we believe the target can be achieved more quickly. An easily accessed, affordable EV charging network is essential to enable this aim to become a reality.

EV Charging

Removing Barriers to Ownership

One of the key factors why some people are reluctant to buy an electric vehicle is ‘range anxiety’. Quite simply, people worry that the car will run out of power before they reach their destination or a recharging point. Each rapid-charging station will be able to support over 100 vehicles charging at the same time, allowing drivers to get back on the road as fast as possible. This is a major step towards making EVs a viable option for all drivers.

Reasons not to buy an EV