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An EV Charging Network to Scale

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A Plan for an Electric Future

Pivot Power will install the UK’s largest battery storage network, helping to future-proof our energy system and enable the supporting of higher levels of renewables, while additionally providing mass-scale EV charging.

  • At 2 GW, Pivot Power’s network represents a huge increase in battery capacity for the UK market
  • This portfolio will store enough electricity to supply 235,000 average homes for a day
  • At times of system stress it will be able to release or absorb two thirds the power of the planned Hinkley C nuclear power plant
  • Battery storage is a key element of the move to smart power, which could save the UK £8 billion a year (National Infrastructure Commission, Smart Power, 2016)

A Vision for Impact

Pivot Power has moved from concept to reality at pace. From the technical design of our battery storage assets to the plans for our EV rapid-charging hubs, we are committed to delivering on expectations.