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Balancing the Grid

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It’s a Balancing Act

Any electricity system must balance supply and demand on a second-by-second basis. This gets harder as the system moves quickly towards decentralised generation. Battery storage, which is thoughtfully regionalised and distributed, provides both the services and value required to maintain this essential balance.


Why We Need Battery Storage Now

The trend is irreversible. Renewable sources of energy are rapidly displacing traditional methods of baseload generation. This move brings new challenges, not least how to manage the intermittent and unpredictable nature of these alternative energy sources.

Success and the future growth of renewables in a low-carbon world depends on the deployment of flexible resources, such as battery storage, to balance supply with demand.

The time is ripe for us to build a smart and distributed network of battery storage assets. This is the most viable solution to address these realities and provide the flexibility we need – not tomorrow, not at some distant point in the future, but now.


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