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EV Charging: Capacity

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How much capacity will my project need?

Pivot Power connections start at a minimum of 1 MW capacity. What does that mean for you?

When we talk about a project’s capacity requirement, we mean the maximum power that all the charge points at a given location, operating simultaneously, could use at any moment. For car and van charging locations, to reach the Pivot Power minimum scale, you are almost certainly planning to deploy rapid chargers. For buses, you probably have at least ten vehicles charging overnight.

To check if your project is at the right scale to work with Pivot Power, please try our online calculator.

Of course, it’s not just about the initial project. You may be planning to start small but anticipate significant growth over the next few years. Because Pivot Power is able to invest ahead of need, we can offer the option of reserving additional capacity for future years.

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Estimate your capacity needs

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