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EV Charging: Business Case

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How can Pivot Power boost my business case?

For anyone investing in charging infrastructure, building a solid business case is a challenge. There are sometimes as many questions as answers: whether it’s deciding what type of charger to use, estimating the pace of the transition, worrying about stranded assets if the technology changes…

One thing you can be sure of is that all charging projects need electricity capacity. If that requirement is at megawatt scale and in a location near us, Pivot Power can help. We commit to offering consistent and predictable pricing across the UK – for initial connection fees, annual capacity charges and ongoing use of system. Moreover, we can reserve future capacity for projects with pricing agreed ahead of time, providing greater certainty for the business case to help secure funding.

Whether you are trying to persuade finance directors, investors, government bodies – or your customers – to accelerate your transition to electric, connecting with Pivot Power could make the difference.

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