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We’re planning a battery storage facility in Stockport, Greater Manchester

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date: 10 March 2021

Why are we building a battery storage facility?

To respond to the climate emergency, we need to find smarter, cleaner ways to power our daily lives. Battery storage has a vital role to play, enabling us to make greater use of renewable power from the wind and sun and providing essential flexibility to manage changes in electricity supply and demand and ensure local grid resilience.

How will Stockport and Greater Manchester benefit?

Our proposed battery storage facility will help ensure that Stockport residents have a resilient supply of electricity as the UK transitions from fossil-fuelled power generation to a low carbon energy mix, including more intermittent renewables. It will help to store electricity when renewables are plentiful and prices are low and supply electricity when demand is high and prices rise. It will also provide critical balancing and reserve services to help National Grid manage electricity supply and demand second-by-second and keep power supplies flowing.

The battery will create a direct connection to the high voltage electricity transmission network which could also be used to support the installation of an Electric Vehicle (EV) charging network in the local area. This network would involve an underground cable delivering power to centralised EV charging locations within a 5-10km radius of the battery, from public charging hubs to bus depots and commercial fleets, helping to accelerate EV adoption, lower carbon emissions and improve air quality across the city-region.

Initial discussions are underway with Stockport Council, the Greater Manchester Combined Authority and Transport for Greater Manchester to maximise the opportunities for the project to accelerate EV adoption, lower carbon emissions and improve air quality across the city-region.

Stockport will be one of the earliest communities in the country to benefit from this unique infrastructure investment, following the development of Pivot Power’s first site in Oxford. Energy Superhub Oxford is a pioneering project being developed in partnership with Oxford City Council and forms part of a national programme of up to 40 sites being developed by Pivot Power to deliver up to 2 gigawatts of battery storage.

Where is the site?

The proposed site for the battery storage facility is located in a secure compound on previously developed National Grid land. The battery would be located immediately to the west of the existing substation and a new, native hedgerow will be planted around the outside edge of the security fence to minimise any visual impact. Access is via an existing, secure hardcore track, off the B6104, Stockport Road West. Construction will take approximately 3-4 months, and once operational will require infrequent maintenance only.

Bredbury site location-satellite image

Figure 1: Bredbury battery storage facility site location


What will the development consist of?

The proposed development will consist of a number of battery storage units of less than 3m in height and associated electrical infrastructure, surrounded by a metal security fence. There will be no lighting, but a number of CCTV cameras will be erected to ensure the security of the site. The batteries are connected directly to the substation.


Figure 2: Example battery storage facility


What impact will this project have on the surrounding environment?

In consultation with Stockport Council, Pivot Power is carrying out a range of detailed environmental studies to ensure that no significant environmental effects will result from the development. This includes a noise assessment to ensure plant operates within acceptable noise thresholds defined by the Council.

How can you find out more?

Pivot Power are keen to discuss our proposed battery storage facility at Bredbury substation and address any concerns that the local community may have. Any questions about the project can be emailed to us at

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