Why are we building a battery storage facility?

Battery storage is essential to enable greater use of renewable energy and meet the UK Government’s legally binding target to end the country’s contribution to climate change by 2050. The technology automatically charges and discharges throughout the day to help National Grid manage peaks and troughs in electricity supply and demand. It will also deliver economic benefits, helping to create a smarter, more flexible energy system which could save up to £40 billion by 2050.

How will Coventry benefit?

This battery storage facility will help to ensure clean, affordable and secure electricity supplies in the Coventry area and beyond, as polluting coal and gas-fired power stations close and more intermittent renewable energy is brought onto the grid.

It will also provide additional power capacity to support the installation of an Electric Vehicle (EV) charging network designed to accelerate the transition to electric transport. The network will enable ultra-rapid public charging hubs to the north and east of Coventry, bringing additional investment, employment and visitors. It could provide high power charging for electric buses and even support Coventry’s ambitions for a very light rail transport system.

Discussions are underway with Coventry City Council to maximise the opportunities for the project to support the council’s strategy to end carbon emissions, deliver safe, breathable air and create sustainable jobs and economic growth. We have also partnered with the council to jointly bid for grant funding to help catalyse zero emission vehicle innovation. If successful, this funding would support work to develop a mixed-use ultra-rapid charging hub.

Coventry will be one of the first cities in the country to benefit from this unique infrastructure investment, following the development of Pivot Power’s first site in Oxford. Energy Superhub Oxford is a pioneering project being developed in partnership with Oxford City Council and forms part of a national programme of up to 40 sites being developed by Pivot Power to deliver up to 2 gigawatts of battery storage. The programme is of national importance to support the UK energy transition and respond to the climate emergency.

Where is the site?

The site has been selected because of its proximity to National Grid’s substation which is essential to project viability. It consists of 1ha of land immediately to the south of the substation, which is currently unused and was formerly a coal storage area. Access is via Alderman’s Green Road, through an existing access point. The land is a mix of hardstanding and scrub and is surrounded by trees and walls, which will fully screen the battery. The area has some biodiversity value, and Pivot Power is working directly with the Council to ensure a significant, long-term net biodiversity gain is achieved following the development.

Construction will take approximately three months, and once operational will require infrequent maintenance only.

What will the development consist of?

The development will consist of a number of battery storage units of less than 3m in height and associated electrical infrastructure, surrounded by a 4m security fence. The batteries are connected directly to the substation.

When will construction begin?

We expect to begin building the battery storage system in early 2022.

What impact will this project have on the surrounding environment?

In consultation with the Council, Pivot Power has undertaken a range of detailed environmental studies to ensure that no significant environmental effects will arise from the development. This includes assessments of ecology, noise and drainage. A visual assessment has confirmed that the batteries will have minimal visibility from public viewpoints.

Electric vehicle charging network

We are currently consulting on the route for the underground electricity cable that will power our EV charging network.

We have created a virtual exhibition where you can learn more about our proposals and submit your feedback.

Visit the virtual exhibition.

How can you find out more?

If you have any questions about the project please email us at

Full details of the battery storage planning application can be viewed on Coventry City Council’s website using reference FUL/2020/1476.

Coventry battery render

Coventry PDAS

Coventry location plan

Coventry aerial site location

Coventry construction site

Coventry aerial site plan