We have partnered with Oxford City Council to deliver one of the most ambitious urban decarbonisation projects globally, with backing from UKRI. Energy Superhub Oxford is creating a powerful charging network across the city to help businesses and drivers go electric.

An EV public superhub at one of Oxford’s Park & Rides will provide up to 50 charge points catering for a range of vehicles and speeds, so that visitors can charge in minutes or while they work or shop in the city. The network has the capacity to expand with EV adoption and provide power for local businesses seeking to electrify their fleets, from logistics companies to bus operators.

It shares a connection to National Grid’s high voltage transmission network with a 50MW hybrid battery storage system, helping our electricity network to make more use of renewable energy. This means that as more EVs hit the road, we can increase the amount of low carbon electricity powering them and accelerate Oxford’s journey to zero carbon.

In addition to Oxford City Council, our ESO partners include Habitat Energy, Kensa Contracting, Invinity Energy Systems, and the University of Oxford’s Environmental Change Institute and Department of Engineering Science. The project’s unique approach aims to save 10,000 tonnes of CO2 per year from 2021 – the equivalent of taking over 2,000 cars off the road – rising to 25,000 tonnes per year by 2032.

Hybrid battery 1

Hybrid battery 2

Energy Superhub Oxford - Prospering from the Energy Revolution

Redbridge Park & Ride Superhub flythrough

Europe's most powerful electric vehicle charging hub

Lithium-ion battery go-live