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Pivot Power welcomes rapid charging network vision

six months ago

The government has outlined its vision for a rapid charging network across England’s Motorways and major A roads, which aims to deliver 6,000 high powered chargepoints by 2035 and provide drivers with range of 120-145 miles in just 15 minutes for a typical electric vehicle.

The announcement is designed to help end the UK’s contribution to climate change and support the growth of green, zero emission technologies.

Commenting on the announcement Matt Allen, CEO at Pivot Power (an EDF Renewables UK company) said:

We’re pleased to see the Government setting out its vision for expanding the UK’s rapid chargepoint network. The ability to charge quickly and reliably on the move is vital to tackle ‘range anxiety’ and give more drivers the confidence to go electric.

One of the biggest challenges is getting large amounts of power to the right places. Our network of grid-scale energy storage and high volume power connections is designed to support this roll-out, providing flexible, scalable power at specific locations to meet mass-scale, rapid charging needs.

The number of EVs on our roads is already growing exponentially. With the right charging infrastructure in place we can accelerate the rEVolution and create a clean, electric future!