What we do

We develop and build low carbon infrastructure to help us to meet humanity’s biggest challenge – climate change.

Energy Superhubs

Our Energy Superhub model combines transmission-connected batteries and high volume power connections to deliver an integrated solution that meets the needs of the energy system and its end users.

This unique approach provides the power needed to charge large numbers of EVs quickly without overburdening the local distribution network, and delivers system level flexibility to enable more renewables without compromising the reliability of the electricity network.

Each Energy Superhub is developed in partnership with the local community to deliver low carbon infrastructure that creates cleaner, more sustainable cities where people want to live and work.

We’re already working with Oxford City Council to deliver one of the world’s most ambitious urban decarbonisation projects, Energy Superhub Oxford. But we’ve set our sights on towns and cities across the UK, from Brighton to Birmingham.

Battery storage

Battery storage is a proven, cost-effective technology which provides the system-level flexibility needed to integrate more renewable generation and future-proof our electricity system. Our national network of 40 sites will provide up to 2GW of flexible capacity to accelerate the transition to a net zero energy system.

EV power infrastructure

Transitioning to electric vehicles involves getting massive volumes of power to the right places. The current energy system isn’t designed for this. Our high volume power connections deliver scalable power to specific locations, enabling faster electrification of transport, from public EV charging hubs to bus depots and commercial fleets.

Our projects

Across the UK, we have identified 40 strategic locations which are close to towns and cities and major road networks. These locations enable us to reach millions of people and access large amounts of power.


Energy Superhub Oxford

Energy Superhub Oxford (ESO) is a world-first project. Part-funded by UKRI, ESO is pioneering an integrated approach to decarbonising power, transport and heat to accelerate Oxford’s zero carbon journey. The project showcases a powerful network that combines rapid EV charging, hybrid battery storage, low carbon heating and smart energy management. This is a model that can be copied by cities across the UK to cut carbon emissions and improve air quality.