EV power

The electric vehicle (EV) revolution is happening now. Every month more and more EVs are hitting UK roads.

Building the UK’s EV power infrastructure

The UK Government has committed to end the sale of internal combustion engine cars by 2030. This means that, by 2050, there could be up to 28 million electric vehicles across the country, helping to cut carbon emissions and improve air quality.

To keep all these vehicles charged and moving, we’re going to need large amounts of power in the right places. That’s why Pivot Power is developing a nationwide network of Energy Superhubs connected directly to the high-voltage transmission network.

Our high-volume power connections provide scalable, affordable power to meet mass-scale, rapid charging needs, from public hubs to bus depots and commercial fleet charging. By making sure that the right charging infrastructure is in place, we’re accelerating the rEVolution and helping to create a clean, electric future.

Public charging

The ability to charge quickly and easily on the move is vital to tackle ‘range anxiety’ and give more drivers the confidence to go electric. We are working with local authorities, charge point operators, motorway service areas and others to develop large, rapid public charging hubs, where drivers can charge and be on the road again in minutes.

Commercial charging

Businesses are at the forefront of the switch to electric vehicles, investing in commercial electric vehicle fleets at scale. We are working with fleet managers and operators to support this transition and provide the capacity they need to electrify their fleets, from buses and taxis to council vehicles and commercial fleets.

Why Pivot Power

At each of our locations, we offer megawatt-scale power connections for EV charging and work with our partners to both develop the business case and secure funding. If you want to accelerate your transition to electric, connecting with Pivot Power could make all the difference.

Scalable capacity

The power you need today with future capacity guaranteed.

Price certainty

Consistent and predictable pricing, offering future price certainty.

Calculate your power needs

Our power connections start at a minimum of 1MW capacity. For car and van charging locations, this almost certainly means that you should plan to deploy rapid charging locations. For buses, you should plan to have at least ten vehicles charging overnight.

Check if your project is at the right scale to work with Pivot Power. Use our online calculator. Or get in touch.

Planning ahead

You may be planning to start small but anticipate significant growth over the next few years. Because Pivot Power is able to invest ahead of need, we can offer the option of reserving additional capacity for future years.

Your estimated capacity requirement is:
0 MW

Please check if Pivot Power is in your location by viewing our map, we would like to provide capacity if we can.

Interested in working with us?

We’re working with world-leading partners to build and operate our electric vehicle charging infrastructure. Interested in exploring opportunities for working together? Get in touch, we’d love to hear from you.

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